June 19, 2019

Thrivve Podcast #1

The future of work and how artificial intelligence is impacting HR. Listen to our conversation with Pip Penfold, in which we discuss the immeasurable impact AI is having in shaping our future.

Thrivve Podcast #1

“We are still not quite at the tipping point. We talk about the future of work like it's in the future. The future is actually already here, it's just been unevenly distributed.”

— Philippa Penfold

Pip (@philippapenfold) is the CEO and Co-Founder of People Collider, a company focused on improving HR’s ability to create a more human workplace through technology. She is also the Lead Researcher for the survey "The State of HR & Tech in APAC," which depicts the use, adoption and understanding of technology by HR professionals in the APAC region. During her 20-year corporate HR career Pip managed many technology implementations. Today she supports HR functions and companies with their digital transformation and helps HR map their talent challenges and design their target technology landscape. Pip also provides specialist support and expertise to early stage HR technology companies as an Advisor. Pip holds an EMBA, a Master of Science in HRM and a postgrad diploma in Strategy and Innovation from Oxford University, as well as multiple global HR certifications.

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