September 16, 2019


The term “innovation” is everywhere. For many of us, innovation simply means new ideas, leading to significant discoveries and achievements. But is that really all?


In an exponentially changing world where cost is no longer such an inhibiting factor for innovating, companies can now embrace techniques that not only drive innovation but are doing it in a low risk and powerful way. In this conversation, Evan Shellshear shares some of the low risk innovation techniques, examples and case studies around innovation.

Innovation connects the novelty of the invention with the purpose and value of entrepreneurship. — Evan Shellshear

As an additional supplement to the book, Evan has provided us with his Tool Selector that he mentioned in the interview to help you know which tool is best suited to your innovation challenge. Download it here.

Evan has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade and is the author of the best-selling book titled, Innovation Tools. He has a passion for innovation and not just from a managerial perspective but also from a doing perspective. Evan has a PhD in Game Theory and is currently the Head of Analytics at Biarri, a world leading consulting company building SaaS apps powered by advanced analytics.

Reach out to Evan on LinkedIn to ask him any questions around innovation and the podcast.

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