July 31, 2019


"Smart City" is a buzzword at the moment. In this conversation, we discuss the ethical challenges for smart cities and the opportunities technology offers for inclusion and prosperity for all.


By 2050, 6.5 billion people will choose to live in cities. These individuals will require employment and access to better healthcare from an infrastructure that is already extremely vulnerable. How can we use technology to create sustainable cities for the future?

“Social movements, civil society, people have shaped the world that we have. They have changed the course of history many times. I hope that's what we do and that we use technology to support us to do that.”‌‌— Elizabeth Ryan

Elizabeth leads an international consultancy, Urban Vitality, and holds a Global Advisor role with the UN Global Compact - Cities Programme, where she previously spent seven years as the Deputy Director, working with city and regional governments, United Nations agencies, private sector and civil society to advance sustainable development in cities.

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